4 Ways Curved Windows Add Beauty to Your Home

You have many ways for incorporating curves into your windows. For example, you can choose to have semi-circular transom windows installed above doors and other windows. You can replace a rectangular window with an arched one. You can even add a porthole or oval window.

Why should you add curves to your windows, though, besides that they look beautiful? Well, beauty is actually at the center of the rationale for taking on the time and expense. Below are a few good reasons for incorporating arches in your windows.

1. Curves Draw the Eye with their Shape

There’s nothing wrong with a standard rectangular window, especially when it’s allowing natural sunlight into your rooms. However, the corners of rectangles are the expected shape for windows, so they don’t draw the eye.

Architecturally speaking, curves are more difficult to build. Therefore, they’re the less-expected shape in buildings. When you incorporate arches into your home, then, the unusual shape catches the eye. Indeed, it can draw the eye to follow wherever you want to lead — such as to the beauty of vaulted ceilings or expansive windows. These effects are enhanced by the arches being in windows.

2. Arches Speak to a Classical Appeal

The use of arches dates back to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, and Persians. In those times, the function of arches was strictly structural — the redistribution of weight in a building. The ancient Romans started using arches in their public buildings, so you often connect arches to famous Roman buildings such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Arch of Septimius Severus.

When you add arches to your home, such as with arched windows, you remind visitors of those famous arches. They remember seeing that classic shape used through the millennia in grand examples of architecture. Therefore, the connection between your curved windows and those majestic buildings is instinctual.

3. Curved Windows Can Carry a Modern Aesthetic

Curves in your windows don’t speak only to history. In fact, round, oval, or arched windows can promote a modern aesthetic. Characteristics of modern style include wide use of glass, a minimalist approach, and playing with geometric shapes. Usage of the above shapes of windows can fit in with your modern design.

For example, imagine choosing a stack three round windows instead of one long rectangle to flank your front door.  You’d have to choose simple circles of glass, rather than those with grilles, to adhere to the minimalism. However, the surprising contrast of a stack of circles next to a standard rectangle would become a talking point in the architecture of your modern home.

4. Curved Windows Encourage Experimentation with Draperies

Some homeowners look at arched or otherwise curved windows as a challenge when it comes to window treatments. However, you can look at your curves as inspiration for experimenting with draperies. You can find ways to highlight the gorgeous curves of an arched, circular, or oval window.

For example, you can custom-order valances or café curtains that conform perfectly to the arched tops of your windows. You can add angles at the bottom with a straight line or choose scalloped edges to further emphasize the use of curves. Such a window treatment looks tailored and quite sophisticated.

When it comes to round and oval windows, many homeowners choose to install a curtain rod above the arch and hang straight drapes for light control and privacy. Concerning oval windows, especially ornate ones, you can use such drapes to create stage curtains for your beautiful window.

However, consider also emphasizing the shape of the window with your draperies. Besides tailored valances, custom-made blinds are another option. You can have blinds made to fit either a round or oval window. Indeed, such blinds might be a good way to control light and privacy while you set the stage with the curtain panels.

Invite even more beauty into your home by choosing curved styles for your windows. JFK Window & Door Co. has a large variety of window shapes to help you to that end.

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