Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Curved Windows Into Your Home

As the name suggests, half round windows are comprised of half-circular glass and framing material. Half round windows come in many different styles and can complement existing windows or stand alone. Circle top windows can add curves to your home for a classical vibe, or the geometry of the windows can create a modern feel.

Find out some attractive ways to incorporate this style of window into your remodel or new-build below.

Half-Round Transom Windows

Though they can stand alone, half round windows typically aren’t your main windows. In fact, they’re commonly used as transom windows, located above the transom of a door or window.

One of the most common places for a transom half-circle is above a casement or double hung window. The transom window can be joined to the top of the rectangle to give the illusion of a single arched window. Conversely, you can place the transom window higher up so it floats above the rectangular window.

Transom windows can also be placed above a window bank. You could have a half-circle installed that’s the same width as a single window within the bank. Most people using this approach center the circle top over the center window in the bank. However, a larger window spanning the entire bank creates more balance.

Another common way to utilize the half round transom is above a door, especially the front entryway. The half-circle draws the eye up. Usually these semi-circles are located just above the door, but they’re sometimes higher up if you have vaulted ceilings. Typically, the width of these transoms spans the width of the door and any sidelights.

Standalone Feature Windows

While it’s less common to find half-circles standing alone, it is possible. Usually, this installation is some version of the soaring transom — located so high up the vaulted wall that they’re basically standing alone. You can also use semi-circles as clearstory windows — windows located well above the sightline let in more light.

A creative method for adding a standalone, semi-circular window is as an eyebrow to your roof. This style of window gets its name from how it’s installed in the roof. The contractors essentially cut into your roof to insert the window, then build the roof organically over the arch. The effect is of a sleepy eye with an eyebrow.


Your choices don’t end with the placement of the circle top window. You also have to choose the details and style. One of the most popular styles is the fanlight. As its name suggests, a fanlight looks like a fan. The effect is created with grilles, which are the thin strips on the surface of the glass. The classic style is the sunburst. However, you can find different styles as well including Colonial, Renaissance and even custom styles.
Fanlights date back to the 18th-century. Between their history and their styling, fanlights tend to convey an historic appearance. They’re commonly used above entryway doors.

Stained Glass Semi-Circular Windows

A close cousin of the fanlight is the stained glass half-circle. These windows can start out as fanlights but take ornamentation to the next level. They can also omit the fan and simply exist as a semi-circular piece of artwork.

Your imagination is the limit for a stained glass window. Some designs are classic and complement traditional placement well. Other images are more contemporary and could fit in a traditional or transitional home. You can also find highly modern stained glass half-circles.

Clear Glass Windows

Speaking of modern styles, is a window made of an unobstructed piece of glass, without any grilles or breaks. These windows can feature textured privacy glass, but they’re often left smooth and clear. Because of the clean lines and minimalist nature, such windows appear very modern. If your house is on the contemporary side, consider this style of semi-circular window.

Add arches to your architecture by incorporating semi-circular windows into your design. Contact JFK Window & Door to help you with all your window needs.

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