Jan and Gerry W – North Bend, OH

“Both the window and door crews were courteous, professional, and took the time to let us observe when asked. One door was hard to lock, and Mike quickly scheduled a follow-up service call and assured us if it still didn’t work, a new lock piece could be installed.”

Karen S. – Cincinnati, OH

Karen S. – Cincinnati, OH

“Everyone at JFK was very courteous and friendly especially the installer. He helped fix the existing door to close tighter by adjusting the catch. I love my new storm door!”

Your Guide to Fixing Drafty Winter Windows

Your Guide to Fixing Drafty Winter Windows

Once again, winter is rapidly approaching, and the Midwest region is in store for cold weather and high winds. With these come uncomfortable indoor drafts. If you have drafty windows, the tips below will help you deal with the problem and stay more comfortable this winter. 

How to Handle Drafty Windows

Window Caulk

The first step to dealing with problematic drafts is to seal the windows from the outside. Apply window caulk around the outside perimeter of the window frame using a caulking gun. First, however, scrape the surface clean using a putty scraper and sandpaper.

This ensures a firm adhesion and an adequate seal. If you don’t have a caulking gun, another alternative is to apply a roll of rope caulk with your fingers and a wooden dowel. This is a less permanent solution, but it removes easily once winter is over.


Windows in Cincinnati, OH

Once the frame is sealed, it’s time to deal with leaks coming from the sash or movable parts of the window. From indoors, apply weatherstripping (various types of adhesive-backed foam)—around the edges—particularly between the sash and the frame—to ensure a firm seal when the window is closed. This keeps cold air from seeping in through gaps. You can buy weatherstripping at any home improvement retailer and most department stores.

Shrink Film

Sometimes, the cold is seeping through the window glass itself. Modern double- and triple-glazed windows solve this issue, but it is still common with older, single-pane varieties.

You can address this problem with a roll of plastic shrink film. Cover the window with clear plastic, attaching it to the inside window frame using double-sided tape. You can then shrink it to fit the expanse using a hairdryer. 

If you need new windows to keep your home comfortable, contact JFK Window & Door in Cincinnati, OH. They have served customers throughout the Tri-State area since 1990. They specialize in casement windows and entry doors, and they carry a wide selection of durable Andersen windows. Visit their website or call (513) 851-1000 to make an appointment. 

Karen and Bruce B. – Anderson Twp., OH

Karen and Bruce B. – Anderson Twp., OH

“Another fantastic job by JFK! This is the 3rd time we have used them for a project. Great service from start to finish! They went above and beyond in helping with door selection and project completion. I appreciated the extra “help” they sent to finish the masonry on the front door. Door looks GREAT!”

Charles and Maryann S. – Wyoming, OH

“This project was a very satisfying experience from beginning to end. Mr. John Karle was excellent on getting us exactly what we wanted and the install team of Mike and Andrew could not have been better. I strongly recommend JFK for their quality of people and products.”

Tom and Sue K. – St. Bernard, OH

Tom and Sue K. – St. Bernard, OH

“Work was done in a professional manner. Only 4 minor items to correct and a date already set to finalize the job. We are very happy with our new windows.”