Building a Home? 3 Window and Door Trends to Consider

Your new home will be amazing, but building a home can be an overwhelming process. Despite the difficulty, a new, custom home is a great way to have the home you need and want. One part of the design process you may forget about is the selection of your doors and windows, especially since there are so many styles, sizes, colors, and designs to choose from.

This guide and professionals will help you select one or more trendy options for your new home’s doors and windows.

1. Grand Front Entrance

Your new home’s front door is important for a few different reasons. Not only is it necessary for entering and existing your home, but the front door also plays a big role in your home’s curb appeal and value. Because of this importance, you want to make sure to take the time to pick out the right door for your property.

A double door will help you create the grand front entrance you prefer. However, your home’s layout may not be designed to accommodate these larger doors. You and your builder should work together to determine if your home’s floor plan will accommodate the size necessary for double doors.

Even if your home’s layout will only accommodate a single door, you can choose a design that still helps create a grand front entrance. The key is to choose a door that complements your home’s exterior style.

For example, doors made from a combination of fiberglass and glass are suitable for modern style homes. If your home is more traditional, consider a large fiberglass door with intricate carvings for detail.

2. Unique Interior Doors

Traditional white doors that most builders use may serve their purpose, but they do tend to lack style and personality. Today, more and more designers and homeowners install unique doors throughout their home’s interior.

To get started, create a focal point in your kitchen and dining area with a unique pantry door. A glass door with pantry etched in the glass or a door with built-in chalkboard sign that allows you to make notes for upcoming grocery trips.

Barn doors are also popular options you may want for your new home. These sliding doors, which can be manufactured using wood, metal, or combinations of wood, metal, and glass, make great options for offices, dining rooms, or the doorways into your master bathroom.

Never assume a barn door system will work for your specific doorway. Make sure there is sufficient space for the doors to slide open and closed without interference.

3. Elaborate Patio Doors

Another trend that will remain functional, stylish, and valuable for many years to come is the addition of an elaborate patio door system. Instead of a basic door that leads off onto the deck or patio, designing a door system that combines your indoor and outdoor living areas will add enormous appeal and value to your home.

Fortunately, you have a few options when you’re ready to choose an elaborate door system for your indoor/outdoor living spaces.

A French door system works with most home styles, since they look like traditional doors.

French doors allow a lot of natural light in and can be opened up, providing you with easy access in and out of your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Sliding glass doors can also help you achieve the indoor/outdoor environment you want.

Seamless sliding or folding glass doors provide an array of light inside the home, opening up your entire interior to the outdoors when you are ready to entertain or just enjoy nature.

With the right selections, you can choose doors and windows suited to your home’s style and your family’s needs. For more information on your new home’s doors and windows, contact JFK Window & Door Co. today.

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