Double-Hung Windows

When you think of residential windows, you probably think of single-hung windows and not double-hung windows. Single-hung windows are the common type where the lower pane, or sash, moves and the top sash is stationary.

But why limit yourself? Instead, choose double-hung windows. With double-hung windows, both the top and the bottom sashes can slide or tilt, giving you more options for ventilation and cleaning.

The Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

One of the most noticeable benefits of double-hung windows is that they’re easier to clean. When you can raise the bottom sash and lower the top sash, you can reach every corner of the glass. Andersen’s 400 series replacement windows, also tilt in addition to sliding, which makes them even easier to clean.

But that’s not the only great thing about double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are also an excellent option for providing fresh air to your house without compromising safety.

Because you can lower the top sash, there’s less risk of children or pets getting into trouble with open windows. You won’t have to worry about pets jumping through the window or kids throwing their toys down into the yard — or worse, falling out — if you open the top sash.

Expert Window Installers

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