Entry & Exterior Doors

Entry doors have the power to define your house and make a statement, whether it is bright and bold or quiet and refined. High quality, well-crafted interior doors add stability and refinement to any room in your home. Patio ones can frame a favorite view, bring light into a room, and reconnect you and your family to a yard you love.

By replacing your old or weak quality doors with new ones, beautiful doors add value to your home and enhance curb appeal. Well-made doors, properly installed, also increase the energy efficiency of your home, helping you to save money on your monthly utility bills. In some cases, replacing old doors with new, energy-efficient ones, you can even qualify for a tax credit.

Since 1990, JFK Window & Door Co. has been matching homeowners up with the perfect vinyl patio doors for their homes. When it comes to energy efficiency, durability, strength, and beauty, there is no match for our hinged and sliding doors. If you need a custom door in Cincinnati, OH, make an appointment with our team today.

Efficient Vinyl Doors

We are committed to supplying the best quality products to our customers. We trust ProVia doors because they have proven themselves to be one of the longest-lasting and energy-efficient brands on the market. ProVia doors meet the highest standards for protection from storms and theft, and the many custom options mean you can choose the style and materials that work best for you.

Rustic Wooden Doors

While vinyl is an affordable and incredibly efficient material for patio doors, they don’t match all interiors and designs. If you don’t like the look of vinyl doors, take a look at our selection of wood patio doors. We have a wide variety of options, so we are sure to find a wood finish and paint color that will look amazing in your home.

High-Tech Glass

Both sliding and hinged vinyl doors often include glass panels. While these glass doors offer a great view of your yard and allow in natural light, they can lose a lot of thermal energy and be a burden on your heating and cooling system. We use extra thick high-tech glass that limits energy transfer so that you can save money on your energy bills. This glass is also harder for thieves or children to break.


At JFK Window & Door Co., we use products that are ENERGY STAR certified. This certification means that all of our products have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. When you choose our team, you’ll know you’re making the best decision for your home and for the environment.

Call our team at 513-851-1000 if you have any questions.

Expert Door Installation

We know any home improvement project is an investment, and new doors are no exception. We strive to do our best work on every project because we want your investment to last as long as possible.

For more information about types of doors and our installation process, please reach out to us at JFK Window & Door. As your local trusted installer, we’re here to help you decide which doors are the best fit for your home.

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