Gift Your Adult Child with New Windows

You’ve worked hard for your money. And now you want to share what you’ve made with your adult children while also watching them benefit from it. If you don’t feel comfortable giving cash, help with a home improvement project is always welcome.

Gifting the new homeowner with a full set of windows is a way to help your child save money, both now and down the road. Before you buy, take a look at what you need to know about picking windows as a present.

Set a Budget

Windows come in a variety of types and in all price ranges. This means you have plenty of choices, depending on your (and your child’s) needs.

Some parents prefer to set their own budget and firmly enforce it. Others would rather hand the budgeting over to their child. Working together to create a mutually agreeable budget is a third option that helps everyone to make compromises and concessions.

If you’re struggling to agree on a figure, give your child the chance to research prices at many different levels. Young adults need to go into the budgeting process with their eyes open. This requires your child to have a realistic picture of what replacement windows cost as well as what your financial situation is.

Look to the Future

You aren’t just helping to pay for your child’s home improvement project right now. You’re also helping them to save money over time. According to ENERGY STAR, new energy-efficient windows can save your child up to a few hundred dollars per year in energy costs, in comparison to the older single-pane windows that their home may have come with.

Multi-pane windows that come with energy-efficient glazing may come with a higher price tag. But if your adult child plans to stay in the home for several years, or decades, investing in better quality windows makes financial sense.

Use Your Experience

You’ve spent your whole parenting life using your life experiences to help your child learn and grow. Don’t stop now that they’re a young adult. If you’ve been through the window replacement process, guide your child with your past experiences.

This may mean choosing a company that you’ve worked with, pointing your child towards a specific type of window, or giving them advice on design considerations to make.

Decide on a Payment Method

Depending on the cost of the windows and installation fee, you may want to consider directly paying the contractor. Writing your adult child a check for replacement windows may cost you when it comes time to pay your taxes. In 2018, monetary gifts that exceed $15,000 are subject to the federal government’s gift tax. The IRS can change this dollar amount by the calendar year (or sometimes years).

If your payment options include a credit card, calculate the interest you’ll pay later on. While some cards may earn points or cash back (depending on the credit card’s program), pay these back immediately to avoid extra fees.

Enjoy the Gift Giving

Home improvement projects aren’t known for always going smoothly. If you run into bumps in the road, work through them together. Savor the gift giving and the positive feelings that it gives to both you and your child.

Now whenever you visit your child, you’ll get to see the windows and remember the joy you felt in the act of giving.

Are you ready to gift your adult child with a houseful of new windows? Contact a window dealer to get started. At JFK Window & Door Co, we offer a wide range of high-quality and energy-efficient windows. Contact us for more information.

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