How to Brighten Up Your Kitchen During a Remodel Project

A bright, airy kitchen is typically the goal when you embark on a remodel project. You’ll also look at utilitarian improvements, like increased work space. Ultimately, when the project is done, you want a kitchen that feels open and inviting while also offering some modern luxuries the space has been lacking. Below are some ideas to improve your kitchen when you remodel.

Increase Window Sizes

One of the best ways to create that airy atmosphere in your kitchen is by increasing the natural light that streams in. To that end, consider increasing the size of your windows, especially if you have an older home with small windows. If increasing their size isn’t feasible, look into windows with clear glass instead of glass divided by grilles. The unobstructed glass makes the window feel more open.

Add a Window

Another option is to increase the number of windows in your kitchen. Perhaps your kitchen’s architecture can even accommodate a wall of windows. Another common space for adding windows is above the transom of existing windows or doors. Transom windows come in a wide variety of shapes, including half round, circular, and rectangular. They can open or be stationary.

Look into Glass Doors

Many kitchens lead out to the patio. If this is the case in your house, the patio door is another space for adding glass. You can choose the classic sliding glass door, a single door with a large glass pane, or glass French doors. All three options help open up your kitchen space for that bright ambiance.

Depending on the architecture of your house, you can transform your kitchen into more of a transitional space with window walls or multiple glass doors. These installations widen the existing entrance between the indoors and the outdoors. Sliding glass doors or multiple glass doors provide that transition. This setup is appropriate if you have a large kitchen with a dining area.

Add Accent Lighting

Natural light won’t be enough to brighten the space during your kitchen remodel. You’ll need artificial illumination as well. You’ll naturally have an overhead fixture and likely task lighting already; however, consider adding accent lighting too.

You have different options for accent lighting in the kitchen. The main goal is to accent what you want to see. So, you may choose to highlight interesting architecture, such as vaulted ceilings or recessed shelving. You could also have a system of track lighting installed to train the illumination onto different areas of your cabinetry or island for visual appeal.

Open up the Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets are the largest installation in your room, so you may feel that they dominate the space. One way to soften the cabinets’ presence is by opening them up. You can do this by having some of the doors removed or replacing them with glass-paned doors. As a bonus, glass-paned doors reflect light back into the kitchen, promoting that bright atmosphere.

Replace Your Countertops

The other big feature in your kitchen is your countertops. You have numerous options for the countertop material, including natural stone, concrete, tile, and laminate. You’ll make that decision based largely on utility and budget. However, even within each of those categories you’ll have choices about colors. Consider lighter colors over dark ones.

For example, some homeowners want countertops that make a statement. Instead of traditional granite, you could opt for limestone, which is naturally paler. Limestone does require more upkeep, but the overall effect is chic and unexpected. Plus, the light color helps promote the airy feel of your kitchen.

Book in Advance

Most importantly, take a look at the timeline you’d like to see your project follow and adjust your plan based on what is reasonable. Most projects that involve multiple upgrades and renovations need a lead time of 6–8 weeks. Schedule a design consult to see which parts of your dream kitchen can be accomplished before the new year. Then schedule any remaining renovations for the next year.

Design an open kitchen that feels bright and open. Consult with JFK Window & Door for design plans that can work within your house’s architecture.

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