Replacement Windows for Every Design Style

Upgrading your home’s windows shouldn’t just be about functionality. Even though windows protect your home from the elements, can prevent heat and cold loss, and even save you money on energy bills, windows also provide aesthetic accents to your overall décor scheme.

If you consider form, and not just function, while you’re choosing replacement windows, then you can completely revamp the look of your home, change the style, or finally create one cohesive design throughout your entire home.

What are your window options? Beyond that, how do the different types of windows influence your style? Take a look at the decorative side of selecting new windows for your home.

Traditional and Classic

Your style is clearly classic. Traditional describes what your home décor revolves around and that means your home is filled with furniture and accessories that have a calm, simple, timeless feel. There’s nothing showy about your cozy kitchen breakfast nook, your wood-clad living room, or your neutral-toned bedroom.

What types of windows go with a traditional or classic style? Again, this style tends to lean towards the simple and plain. Anything ostentatious, such as colorful stained glass or decorative panes, won’t match the clean lines of a traditional home’s exterior and the same goes for the interior.

Double-hung windows are simple, no-fuss options that compliment a classically timeless style. If you want something that stands out, without straying from a traditional look, then a bay window offers a sense of hominess that flows with your home’s design. Likewise, a transom window makes a decorative impact, without going overboard or getting away from the classic look of the home.

Contemporary and Sleek

A sleek, chic, industrial style makes a modern statement with the help of clean lines, minimalist décor, and neutral color palettes. Coordinating this style with new windows means straying from anything that looks traditional.

A contemporary style lends itself to a glass-filled design. Floor to ceiling windows or large (and very plain or unadorned) picture windows are marks of modern décor.

If your redecorating plans don’t include removing parts of the walls to make space for larger replacement windows, the solid plain panels of casement windows create a seamless look. The key to using these windows with a contemporary style is to keep the frames minimal. Thinner frames or a frameless type of design can take more traditional windows and turn them into a contemporary dream.

Eclectic and Individual

Are you a true individual? Do you like to mix the old with the new, or match traditional accents with modern, edgy pieces? If eclectic describes your home’s décor (both inside and out), then you have plenty of window options to choose from.

Keep in mind, even though you may enjoy mixing up different types of décor or styles, replacing your windows with every model available may not look the way you’d imagine.

The key with eclectic homes is to create balance. This might mean choosing a bay window in the living room to go with simple, smaller sliders. In contrast, you could frame a picture window with slim casement windows. Adding a transom over a window or an entry door also adds an eclectic sense of style that can showcase your individuality.

Along with a mix and match approach, choosing specialty windows can add to an eclectically designed home. An unexpected window shape, such as an oval, can stand out among the traditional rectangles. While this doesn’t mean that you need to replace every rectangular window with an oval (or another shape), a rounder window in a hallway or at the top of the stairs creates visual interest and can even add a funky style to your home.

Are you ready to renovate your home’s design with replacement windows? Contact us at JFK Window & Door Co. for more information.

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